September 16-20, 2019 | Marriott Hotel, Minsk, Belarus
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  • Manuscript submission open5 September 2019
  • Registration deadline 5 September 2019
  • Manuscript submission deadline 15 September 2019


If your abstract is accepted you will also be invited to optionally submit a full paper (max 4 pages) by 15 September 2019. Full papers will be peer-reviewed and published in the Journal of SID. Further details will be communicated to accepted authors in due course


Guidelines for full paper preparation

Papers are normally 6–10 published pages, but longer papers will be considered also. (Assume 900 words/page, with a figure consuming 200 words and a displayed equation 40 words.) Each paper must include an abstract of up to 200 words.

File format: .pdf.

It is preferred that a one-column page style on a in 8½” x 11” (preferred) or A4 page size is used with double line spacing and a relatively large font size, e.g. 12 points for body text. The Journal of SID prefers the use of the following fonts: Arial, Helvetica, Times (New) Roman). Use only Latin or Greek letters, and Arabic or Roman numerals.

Title. Enter the full title and affiliations of all authors. Give the full address, including email, telephone and - if possible – fax number, of the author who is to check the proofs.

Abstract. Enter an abstract of approximately 50 words for a letter and up to 200 words for the other categories of manuscripts; it should be a concise statement of objectives, methods results and conclusions of the work.

Keywords. Include two keywords.

Units. Metric (SI) units are strongly preferred. English units may be used parenthetically, e.g. 120 cd/m2 (35 fL).

Figures in the PDF file for review, figures may be embedded in the text (with proper captioning) or assembled at the end of the manuscript, in which case it should be clearly indicated in the text where the figures should be positioned, using a centered line: “Insert Figure nn about here”. In the text-only manuscript, also use this method to indicate the approximately desired location of the illustrations.

Captions should be sufficiently clear that the figures can be understood without reference to the paper text. The axes of graphs should have self-explanatory labels. Units must be stated on the axes, elsewhere on the graph, or in the caption. All text included in a graph should have a sufficiently large font size to be readable when the graph is reduced to a width of 7.5 cm.

Equations in the manuscript must be numbered consecutively with Arabic numbers.

References. All references should be numbered consecutively in order of appearance and should be as complete as possible. In text citations should be superscript numbers. Sample references follow:

  • Journal article:
  • Stewart KA, Wager JF. Thin‐film transistor mobility limits considerations.J Soc Info Disp. 2016;24(6):386–393.
  • Book:
  • Hoppert, M. Microscopic techniques in biotechnology. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH; 2003.
  • Journal titles are abbreviated; abbreviations may be found in the following: MEDLINEIndex Medicus, or CalTech Library

Key dates

Full papers may be submitted to

15 September 2019 — Full paper submission deadline 

Information for submitting your full papers

The corresponding author will receive an email confirming the submission within 5 days from the date of sending full paper. If you do not receive an email, your full paper may not have been received and you are advised to contact the conferences team by email to or by telephone to +375 17 293 88 58