September 16-20, 2019 | Marriott Hotel, Minsk, Belarus
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The conference fee covers coffee breaks during the conference days as well as a welcome reception on 16 September 2019 and a gala dinner on 18 September 2019. Cafes, restaurants and pizzerias located around the conference venue provide a variety of lunch offerings. We believe that Minsk Marriott Hotel Fornello Restaurant would be the best choice for the conference participants due to a Mediterranean lunch menu at reasonable prices.

Fornello Restaurant (Minsk Marriott Hotel)

Offers four types of lunch sets:
Lunch set No. 1 (price: 60 BYN, or 30 USD, or 27 EUR)
  -   Caprese salad (mozzarella, tomatoes, sweet basil, olive oil)
  -   Porcini mushroom soup
  -   Beefsteak with vegetables
  -   Fruit salad
  -   Bread

Lunch set No. 2 (price: 65 BYN, or 32 USD, or 29 EUR)
  -   Waldorf salad (a fruit and nut salad dressed in mayonnaise)
  -   Minestrone (a vegetable soup with pasta or rice)
  -   Grilled salmon with vegetables baked in cream sauce and estragon
  -   Yogurt cake
  -   Bread

Lunch set No. 3 (price: 45 BYN, or 22 USD, or 20 EUR)
  -   Vegetable salad (tomato, cucumber, green sauce)
  -   Grilled chicken with potato and broccoli served with tomato sauce
  -   Yogurt cake
  -   Bread

Lunch set ‘Vegetarian’ (price: 44 BYN, or 22 USD, or 20 EUR)
  -   Vegetable salad (cabbage, gorgonzola cheese, mandarin, grapes, walnuts)
  -   Cauliflower cream-soup
  -   Risotto with spinach and porcini mushroom sauce
  -   Coconut panna cotta
  -   Bread

More dining options near the conference venue

PROSUSHI   -   Japanese cuisine, Pr. Pobeditelei 18 (250 meters)

Restaurant Bar Sakura  -   Japanese cuisine, Pr. Pobeditelei 75/1  (450 meters)

Papa John's   -   Pizzeria, Pr. Pobeditelei 85 (800 meters)

Pizza Tempo   -   Pizzeria, Pr. Pobeditelei 89/3 (850 meters)

Zamok Shopping Mall    -   Pr. Pobeditelei 65 (1.3 km)
  -   Belvedere Restaurant (European, Caucasian cuisine)
  -   Amsterdam Restaurant (European, Pan-Asian cuisine)
  -   Paparats Kvetka (Belarusian cuisine)
  -   V Zamke (pizzeria)